Standard protocol for receiving any alerts.

• Help24Seven has a 24-hour manned control room. Every device has an
independent alert in the control room. The alerts that are monitored on the
personal tracking device include:

o Fall Detection
o Geo Fence out of Zone
o Geo Fence Return in Zone
o No Movement.

• Each device is named, and the control room calls the device immediately
on any notification. In the event of no communication through the device,
the registered second number is called. If there is still no answer, the Matron
is called, or a responder is dispatched.

• Every event is backed up by an SMS and an automated email giving full

Help24Seven can provide unique and customized management of all
notifications as required by the customer.

All devices within a group can be tracked on an app and PC.

Features of the Help24Seven personal tracking unit.

• Fall detection is a critical safety feature for elderly wearers, providing peace
of mind for caregivers. If the wearer falls, the device sends out alerts

• Geo-fencing is a feature that allows you to set up virtual boundaries around
specific locations on the personal tracker. This feature is particularly useful
for tracking individuals with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or those who
have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury, as it can alert caregivers if
the individual wanders outside of a designated area. It can also be used to
monitor the location of elderly family members, ensuring their safety and
well-being. Geofence devices have emerged as a valuable tool for
enhancing the safety and independence of the user.

• Two-way calling is a feature that allows the personal tracking device to
make and receive phone calls. This feature is useful in situations where the
user needs to communicate with their caregivers or emergency services.

• The device has an SOS button that can be pressed in case of an
emergency. It is also used as a panic button when there is an intruder or
suspicion of an intruder.

• The no movement feature on the personal tracker is designed to provide
alerts if the user has not moved for a specified period. This feature is
particularly useful if the user removes the unit and falls or has another type
of accident.