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What is Help24Seven

Help24Seven is the Brain child of Rodney Beadon, bridging the gap in emergency and service provision, Help24Seven has a solution for your every need. Help24Seven is the only mobile app of its kind available in Zimbabwe.

With a stable of fully vetted professional service providers, there are no legal services, that Help24Seven cannot offer you, no job is to big or small. We strive to match the job with the best service provider in the shortest possible time at a fair market price for a professional service provider.

In a country lacking a national emergency service provider, Help24Seven, has bridged the gap by partnering with the most comprehensive Air and Road, ambulance emergency service providers.

With the ever-increasing incident of crime, it became imperative, that a mobile panic button was needed to combat the ever-increasing cunning criminal element growing daily on our streets. J&P Security, Zimbabwe’s leading security company saw the opportunity in partnering with Help24Seven and offer discounted security services to Help24Seven members nationally.



What is Help 24 Seven

Help 24 Seven is Zimbabwe’s only emergency and specialist services app. incorporating a panic button and ambulance button. With our app and the push of a button you are covered throughout Zimbabwe.

Always hold down the button until the map showing your location comes up.

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What Platforms do we support

Help 24 Seven is available on the Google Play store for Android phones and we are in the final stages of approval for our iOS app for iPhones.

From any smart phone, help is just the push of the button away, one button away.

Always hold down the button until the map showing your location comes up.

How easy is it to use

Our mobile app was designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. This makes it suitable for use by everyone from elderly pensioners to young school children. Our interface was also developed to be easily usable even in a confused, distracted or panicked state, with colour coded buttons and bold, clear, simple text that helps you get the service you need even in critical situations.

To get the assistance press and hold down the relevant button. A map showing your location will come up, shortly after that you will receive a call from our control room asking how they can assist.

How to pay

Our app uses Paynow for local payments, which allows you to pay using any mobile money or bank account from a payment button within the app. Our international users will shortly be able to use our PayPal payments platform which is in the process of being setup.

For payments in Cash please press the Test button and ask an agent to organise to collect the money.